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The Transition Tightrope

By Margot Burns Happy New Year – now is a time to reflect, to set intentions; a time to reset, and if you’re feeling courageous or adventuresome, a perfect time […]

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The Power of an Enneagram Community

by Margot Burns Renée and Margot have just returned from Vallambrosa, the retreat center where the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition is taught, studied and practice by individuals from all […]

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Feelings are not Emergencies

This phrase, “feelings are not emergencies,” was uttered to me over twenty years ago by my clinical group supervisor.  I was just out of graduate school and had begun a […]

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Another Perspective on Disintegration & Integration

A woman I’ll call Betty, who has the One type pattern, was sitting on a panel in one of my classes earlier in the year.  She was describing the sadness […]

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Why the Enneagram? A personal story.

I remember being in therapy for the first time in my mid-twenties.  For a year and a half, I shared the suffering of my tendency to over-give and feel unappreciated.  […]

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It’s the end of the year and I want to write something insightful and inspiring.  It needs to be authentic, witty, and touching too.  It’s how I set myself up […]

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Notes from the Heart

Ah resistance, my friend.  You come in many disguises and sometimes I don’t recognize you.  As a core aspect of ego, I love to hate you, to blame you, to […]

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Cultivating the Heart

A couple of years ago, I became aware that I had an issue with trust.  I had recently become a HeartMath Practitioner and had begun utilizing their protocols personally and […]

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Why the Narrative Tradition? by Terry Saracino

(this post is by my friend and colleague Terry Saracino who has written deeply on the beauty of the Narrative Tradition) May 8, 1989 Santa Fe, New Mexico I found […]

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What is Compassionate Presence?

Most of us dream of being able to simply BE in the present moment, meeting reality as it is right then, without the preamble of past experience or the pull […]

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