What is Compassionate Presence?

Most of us dream of being able to simply BE in the present moment, meeting reality as it is right then, without the preamble of past experience or the pull of future plans. جدول ونتائج الألعاب الأولمبية لعام 2024   We’ve all had these experiences unbidden, when time seems to stop and we are simply and fully present.  Like when we laugh, we are not reviewing or fantasizing about anything other than being in the full body experience in that moment.

Understanding our type structures, we begin to recognize the patterns that pull is into the past or the future by our conditioned survival strategies.  These strategies are not wrong or bad, on the contrary, we need them to attend to daily life. معلومات عن فريق بايرن ميونخ   But the Inner Observer, the aspect of your awareness that is always in the present moment and reflecting that, is an evolutionary miracle that allows us to have choice in what we attend to.  So we can CHOOSE to go to past, present or future.  We can CHOOSE to BE PRESENT, in our minds, hearts, and bodies to reality as it actually is.  And when we are, and the heart is open, the mind alert and the body receptive, we stumble upon compassion.  We are PASSIONATELY WITH reality as it is.

Read the article below posted on Integral Life, co-sponsor for Helen’s workshop, to get a taste of the Enneagram from Leslie Hershberger, Enneagram and Integral Theory Teacher

Using the Enneagram for Psycho-Spiritual Relationship by Leslie Hershberger
The Enneagram identifies the cognitive-emotional habit of nine types. Each type as its own habitual attentional style with a core emotion that drives the pattern. مواقع تقبل كاش يو Within this structure, there is a somatic response that accompanies the emotion. There are three primary afflictive emotions in Enneagram theory which are concurrent with neurobiological research: anger, fear and panic at loss of connection.  Read More