Spiritual Evolution through the Enneagram

The Enneagram integrates our longing for spiritual evolution and psychological health. We want to feel more alive, loving, compassionate, and connected.  We want to evolve and wake up! We want to live a meaningful life in which we feel connected to our purpose. The spiritual dimension of the Enneagram provides a framework to explore what may be called the manifestation of “heaven on earth.”

As personality develops, the spiritual aspects of our human manifestation go far into the background. This is inevitable and occurs from a combination of temperament, childhood experiences, and evolutionary programming (like keeping the gene pool alive).  As we connect with the deeper aspects of our being, through awareness and presence, the Holy Ideas and Virtues come alive to us.

Have you ever wanted a bigger perspective or had a desire to feel more open and compassionate emotionally? This is what the Holy Ideas and Virtues represent. Through the integrative path of the Enneagram, we learn to relax the contraction of the type structure and open to our more expansive Self.  Aligning with awareness, often called the Witness or Observer in spiritual parlance, we can move into our bodies and develop a capacity called Presence, a grounded openness to whatever is arising in the moment.  From here we can begin to experience the reality of the spiritual aspects of the Enneagram, as described by the Holy Ideas and Virtues.


View the Holy Ideas of the Enneagram

Point 1: Holy Perfection ”“ the original undivided state of perfection in all things in each moment.

Point 2: Holy Will/Freedom ”“ the original state of freedom wherein needs are met according to a universal will.

Point 3: Holy Hope/Law ”“ the original state of hope wherein things work according to universal law (i.e. they are not dependent on the efforts of the doer).

Point 4: Holy Origin/Idealism ”“ the original ideal state of deep and complete connection to all things.

Point 5: Holy Omniscience ”“ the original omniscient state of directly or transparently knowing that the flow of a universal energy meets real needs.

Point 6:   Holy Faith ”“ the original state of faith in self, others and the universe.

Point 7:  Holy Work ”“ the original state of focused concentration with an ability to travel freely and fully the spectrum of life.

Point 8:  Holy Truth ”“ the original state of sensing the essential truth in everything and in each individual.

Point 9:  Holy Love ”“ the original blissful state of unconditional love and union wherein everyone belongs equally.