About Margot Burns

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Introduced to me at one of the lowest points of my life, I began the journey from unconsciousness to knowing – the discovery of my true self using the knowledge of this profound system. Over the last 12 years, I have watched with curiosity and awe how my life and relationships have transformed and deepened, my habits have softened, and my confidence has soared. The Enneagram has been called the roadmap to freedom – freedom from old patterns and negative thinking; freedom to explore a new way of being. It has been an exciting road, complete with uncomfortable potholes and surprising turns along the way. I am never bored.

I completed my Master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling in 1988 and I have had a private consulting business since 2005. My work involves working with individuals with disabilities as well as career coaching, primarily with women in the process of divorce. To balance out the demands and deadlines of my business, I began a yoga and meditation practice in 2005. Both have provided a consistently effective support for me – giving me a groundedness and calm to my somewhat scattered, sensitive nervous system. In 2012, I began the certification process of becoming a teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition. Studying and teaching the Enneagram is a true passion and I now teach workshops, retreats, and ongoing study groups as well as consult with professional teams in the corporate community.

The combination of practices I have learned over the years – particularly the Enneagram and meditation – have been powerful and transformative for me. By trusting my instincts and showing up for myself I have found compassion and understanding, both for me and everyone in my life. Like every other human, I falter along the way and fall into old patterns, yet I am supported by the wisdom of the Enneagram system and the serenity of meditation. I can always turn to them, and to my inner self, even when I’ve fallen in the ditch instead of staying on my path. The road inward – to my true self – is ever present if I am willing to take the next step.