Paths of Transformation in the Enneagram

We live in fortunate times that there are so many possibilities and breakthroughs in understanding. From discoveries in how the human brain works to technology so elaborate yet fits on the dimensions of a fingernail, these are amazing times. And it can be overwhelming in knowing which way to go.

One of the gifts of the Enneagram is it’s flexibility and depth.  Useful from many angles, you can decide where you want to enter the system. Ultimately, they all meet where the real action is.  IN YOU!


Go to Psychological Health if you have concerns like these:

  • How do I get more control over my emotional reactions?
  • I’m tired of feeling hopeless or helpless, cycling through the same types of problems over and over!
  • I promised myself I wouldn’t lose it this time only to find myself reacting in the same way – again!
  • I am tired of feeling that familiar rush of energy in my chest when I feel angry and then the pit in my stomach when I feel guilty!
  • How do I stop beating myself up internally?

Go to Spiritual Evolution if you have these questions:

  • Who am I”¦really?
  • How do I have a direct experience of my deeper Self?
  • Does this pain I’m experiencing mean there’s something wrong with me?
  • What does spiritual awakening actually feel like?
  • Do I need to get rid my ego or type to wake up?
  • What does a path that integrates psychological well-being and spiritual awakening look like?

Go to Relationships if you have these questions or concerns:

  • How do I communicate better with my partner?
  • How can I  improve my relationships at work?
  • Why do I get so angry when others disagree with me?
  • What can I do to understand how different others see life?
  • How do I experience more love and harmony in my relationships?

The Enneagram is a system that stands on it’s own and can be networked with most other psychological, physiological and/or spiritual orientations. It links understandings from many perspectives that you may already know and have an interest in. It encourages curiosity.