What’s my type?

The first thing everyone wants to do is pin down their Enneagram type. This is completely understandable and can also be a bit like walking into the end of a movie without watching what came before. It can give you some idea of how things worked out but leave you oblivious to what the movie was really about. I’d like you to consider EXPLORING the Enneagram, not just pinning down your type.

The Enneagram invites us to become AWARE of our inner stories, what drives them, how we feel, and how that impacts our worlds. I’ve spoken with plenty of people who knew their type in the past who have completely forgotten it. Knowing your type, without exploring it and working with it will not change your life. Beginning to observe yourself, what makes you tick, what disturbs and pleases you, and then what you can do about it, TRANSFORMS LIVES. This is what I’m interested in.

I invite you to consider a journey that can change your life. I’ve seen it over and over, and it is my passion to help people evolve through their work with the Enneagram.  There are several ways to do this.

1. Consider an individual typing interview with me in person, over the phone or with Skype ”“ this will help you in typing yourself!
2. Consider attending a class or gathering to get the full effects of what’s possible with the Enneagram.
3. Consider a series of sessions with me to get launched: 3 sessions including a typing interview, education on the Enneagram, and personal tools for your development.

Or just give a call and let’s discuss the options and see what arises!