Renée brings exceptional presence and warmth to her teaching which creates an open, safe, and supportive space to delve into the breath and depth of the enneagram. This work has helped me see my own, as well as others, deeper motivations which has facilitated change, release of judgments, and greater freedom of being. Renée is gifted and heartful teacher.

”” Beverly Baima


I have been working with Renée and exploring the Enneagram for over 2 years now. The time I’ve spent with Renée in her office and in her classes has been the guiding light on my spiritual and psychological journey.

I have grown much deeper compassion for myself and others through the enneagram. My partner and I use the enneagram every day to understand and relate to each other; we’re able to see past our initial reactions and enter into a much greater place of love, empathy and connection. What a beautiful gift!

I can’t thank Renée enough for introducing me to this heart opening and life changing system.

”” Chelsea Brady, Artist


What I enjoy the most about taking courses with Renée is that she really meets each person where they are at.  And she has an amazing ability to very skillfully get to the core of an issue and shine light on it.

”” Alan Rosacker, 5 Element Acupuncture Student


Renée Rosario is an extraordinarily gifted teacher whose insight, humor and compassion have touched my soul. From Renée, I have come to understand and accept myself better and see my habitual ways of living as remnants of an early-developed coping style. I have also learned how to turn off my critical, judgmental mind and regard myself (and others) from a compassionate and positive point of view. Most importantly, Renée has taught me valuable lessons about the virtues and highest good that we all inherently possess.

”” Dr. Sally S., Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Renée brings a tender touch of compassion as a teacher, allowing space for all that wants to come up for her students.  I was first introduced to the narrative tradition through Renee’s masterful facilitation and now believe it is a powerful process.  Renée is also able to bring her knowledge and wisdom of evolutionary spirituality into her teachings of the Enneagram, which I highly appreciate.

”” Nomali Perera, Teacher/Coach of Integral Theory & Application


Renée is an Enneagram scholar with years of study, looking into the depth and angles of this marvelous system. I have benefited from my consultations with her both personally and in my work with clients. One bite or phrase at a time, Renée helps me become aware of the patterns of my type. How do I lose myself? When do I collapse? What seem like simple points of awareness have allowed me to understand, relax and grow. This has been doubly true in my relationships. Renée’s gentle pointing out and patience has brought me to a place of deeply appreciating other ways of seeing the world. This has produced huge dividends of acceptance and love in my marriage. Renée is a marvelous and funny companion on this journey from simple points of awareness to deeper acceptance and deeper love.

””Kathleen Naman, LPC


I’ve taught the Enneagram system and co-directed the Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) for 20 years. Renée was a passionate and excellent student in our training program and, as a psychotherapist, already had an extensive psychological and spiritual background. She has continued to share her passion and expertise for the Enneagram with students for the past seven years. Even more importantly, she is compassionate, very present, and insightful. I am delighted to recommend her classes.

”” David Daniels, M.D. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Stanford Medical School and long time Enneagram teacher