Notes from the Heart

Ah resistance, my friend.  You come in many disguises and sometimes I don’t recognize you.  As a core aspect of ego, I love to hate you, to blame you, to wave my fists in your face.  Not only is it difficult to spot you, but my fist waving often blurs my vision. لعبة كونكر   The inner struggle hidden in stories of this and that.

This morning I found you and, more importantly, uncovered your wisdom.   As a Heart type, I feel bone-weary from a lifetime of making things happen.  There’s always something to DO about something.  Someone needs something – jump into action. شرح لعبة كونكر بالتفصيل   There’s another project to be completed – a call to arms.  I could be more fit or creative or funny or smart – start another self-improvement program.

Allowing myself to fall into the weariness that clothes resistance, in my body, in the moment, I find the vulnerability, the tenderness that lies at the core of resistance.  I want to scoop you up now and cradle you in my arms.  I want to offer resistance not my fists but my love.

As the tenderness of my open, receptive heart uncurls fists, I find release and these words.  I discover, again, the possibility of DOING from an alignment with a more authentic self.  The inspiration and commitment to evolution that is my deepest desire when I align with full-bodied and heartfelt awareness of what I do.  It’s not about not doing, but it is about what I’m aligning with in my body, heart and mind.  This will be a discernment I will practice time and time again. kuwait casino   A constant rebalancing as I continue to grow, to transform in Love with resistance as my guide.