A Little Diddy on Conflict

Why is conflict so prevalent and helpful? zaklady bukmacherskie online betfan   Because it shows us where we are overly identified with our personal perspective.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it.  It usually feels like crap, yet coming out the other side feels soooo good. zakłady online wyścigi konne

I was triggered last week by an interaction with an Enneagram colleague and friend.  I was really, really frustrated – okay maybe furious. gry kasyno download   And here’s the thing that evokes overwhelming gratitude for the Enneagram.  Because of our work with the system, we were able to speak directly about the issues, truly listen to each other and understand the differences in interpretation, own our type challenges and concerns, and move through it.  My friend clothed as an Eight and I as a Two were both able to practice authenticity and vulnerability.  Our relationship deepened and I feel transformed.  Dare I say it, conflict is good.