Resistance is the Art of the Ego

The creation of a beautiful work of art is often messy and frustrating.  Art, like life, requires contrast and collision.  Light and shadow must meet, foreground and background must blend, interiors and exteriors must coexist.  We know when we feel grounded and centered because we know what it feels like to feel resistant and reactive.

The reactive patterns of our ego or type can also be frustrating and yes, messy.  We could call them patterns of resistance – we want this, not that, am this, not that.  They provide contrast and the fuel for the art of our evolution.  When we allow ourselves to honor the our reactive patterns as the amazing evolutionary survival strategies they are, as part of creation, the ego can be seen as more than an obstacle.  It can be held as the creative medium that helps us grow. ووكاش بيشتشيك   Resistance is the art of the ego.

How we respond to resistance though is a different matter.  I like to step back a bit from the art I’m viewing.  It gives me a better sense of perspective. فيلم كازينو   Not too far away and not smack up against what I’m looking at. مباريات اليورو 2022   Then I can notice how I feel and decide how I will respond.   With a kinder approach to ourselves, we actually have more choice and more freedom.  I think that’s what we end up truly wanting anyway.