Presence for Presents

The holiday season brings many different gifts, often bizarrely wrapped, while we usually hope for something wrapped just so.  We hope that our family will get along this year, that we will actually feel like we have time to sit down to talk with those we love, go for a walk in the snow…

Our expectations and reality often don’t match.  We have to find the right presents, pick up groceries for our gatherings… فريق مانشستر سيتي the list seems endless.  This year I was thinking how lovely it would be if we gave Presence for presents.  I think it is actually what we all want.  We want to feel the attention, love and presence of those we care about.  We want to feel our own presence. رياضة البولينج   We want to slow down enough to enjoy one another.

So this is my hope for all of us, that we give and get Presence, along with our presents or even without them, this year. العب اون لاين روليت   Happy holidays!