Becoming More Liquid

As the leaves began to yellow and shrivel this fall, so did my sense of aliveness. The clothes I’d been wearing felt too small but  were so familiar, I didn’t experience their constriction. They just felt like me. I was unaware of what needed to be shed but the evolutionary pulse of life, the mystery, was not.

Although we’re learning a ton about the evolution of life and consciousness on this planet, mystery still reigns supreme. We can talk in loose generalities that convey some aspect of deeper truths, but these truths are embedded in the unknown. We are also blessedly embedded in this mystery with others; friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and even teachers disguised as enemies are often the bestowers of the gifts needed to strip us naked once again. We are in this together, ever lending the support and challenge required to help us come alive in a new ways. To help us liquify old identities on our evolutionary quest.

It’s through such help that I’ve found myself anew, fresh with possibilities and not-knowing that is a much more delicious way to experience life than from the “I know how things are” attitude. Can I really say I know that this bird murmuration and their miracle of flight is simply “instinct.” What does your heart say when you watch it? Can I really say that mammals don’t think when I watch these clever monkeys?  Really?

So what does this have to do with the Enneagram? The Enneagram is exquisite in its ability to help us understand what makes us and others tick. Unparalleled, in my view, in its ability to help us get to what’s underlying and motivating us to behave in particular ways. And if we’re not careful, we can begin to fix and solidify this knowing, maybe slowly at first, but possibly wiping out the sense of the mystery of life.

The Enneagram at its best, acts as a guide to navigate our inner landscapes and relationships with others. The Enneagram at its worst, can develop a sense of “I know you” or “this is how I am” which can begin to constrict on the evolutionary possibilities that are unknown. What’s trying to be birthed in you?  What’s trying to get birthed in others?  What about our society and culture?

We’ve come so far and who knows what is to come. The Enneagram at its highest good, spurs curiosity, compassion and connectivity. We feel more embedded in the mystery with our good friends (of all flavors) at our side, with our beautiful planet beneath our feet, and with the miraculous universe(s) at our heads. It can help us reach both directions, dancing on the earth pulling us towards greater embodiment while helping us to reach the stars.