The Inspiration behind the Evolutionary Enneagram

What does it mean to evolve?  Do you ever have the feeling that you want to outgrow yourself? Do you want to see the world and yourself in the light of immense possibility?  In truth, we are more of a “becoming.”  We delight in this becoming in children as they develop.  The natural propensity to develop, to keep growing, never ends.  The gift of the Enneagram is that it can assist us in the process of discovering ourselves and becoming more and more of who we truly are beyond the limited concerns of our type.  I’d like to share a bit of my own becoming in way of introduction to my upcoming class, The Evolutionary Enneagram.

I’ve always considered myself a trusting person.  As a Social Two, I haven’t regarded fear as a big motivator.  Approval yes, but fear, not so much.  Then I began to realize how much my type strategy was based in fearI tried to control how things unfolded based on my will and how I thought they should be because I was afraid of what would happen if I didn’t – a basic mistrust of others and the world.

This mistrust was to a large degree unconscious and there are many unconscious factors that hold our survival strategies in place.  The Enneagram is hugely helpful in identifying many of these factors.  Some stay more buried, lynch pins that when recognized assist in the loosening of the type structure. استراتيجية روليت

As the type and it’s defenses begin to relax, we can more easily align with the deep impulse to evolve and fulfill a sense of purpose in our lives. بث 365   We can let the energy of that impulse, the life force as Love itself, express through us.  We feel more connected to others and can allow our hearts to expand.

Recognizing the fear and feeling it in my body supported this expansion in me. I began to sense the intelligence in how things were unfolding and align with that. I also supported that alignment by consciously breathing trust in my heart, creating a neural pathway that strengthens the ability to stabilize the experience of trust.  I found there is something that I could rest in.  Something that is supportive, intelligent, and loving.

This class will help you uncover the blocks to your expansion. It will help you discover and experience your True Nature as Awareness Itself, which is complete whole and needs nothing.  It will help you walk as “evolving form” as Ken Wilber says, the union of the seeming polarities of form (ego/type) and emptiness (Awareness or Spirit or God).

As always, this class will be taught in the Narrative Tradition, where we all become teachers as we share deeply with each other.  We will utilize the spiritual and psychological framework of the Enneagram, guided awareness practices, and the principles of Evolutionary Spirituality to guide our becoming.

If you’ve read this whole writing, I thank you. اليورو 2024   If you’re at all curious or inspired, please come join me in class starting on October 6th!

A deep thank you to Helen Palmer, Ken Wilber, Craig Hamilton and Andrew Cohen for much of the content that we’ll study!