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The Instincts and Subtypes: Enriching Your Understanding of the Enneagram

This class has been cancelled. The Enneagram is often described as a roadmap to awareness, a path of freedom out of the box of our personality structure.  The three instincts then could be considered the driver, the underlying, often unconscious motivations that shape who we are.  Understanding these instincts: self-preservation, social, or 1:1/sexual and how […]

$65 – $120

The Enneagram: Personal Ownership and Relationships

This class will now be a Zoom offering. with Margot Burns and Mary Ellen Arthur The Enneagram provides a map to help you navigate toward greater psychological and spiritual health by describing the instincts that drive you and the habitual patterns that keep you blocked.  It is wisdom that leads to an expanded and evolved […]

$45 – $95