The Gift of Projection

The concept of projection is not new.  We know it and store it away in our file cabinet with many other valuable pieces of knowledge.   Yet the use of projection as a tool for transformation is fresh each time an insight arises.  We can get that felt sense of “a-ha” that loosens the type structure and it’s misperceptions.

While I was meditating this morning, the gift was delivered.  Here’s the wrapping on the gift.  I’ve been feeling a sense of “too much” lately.  Not an uncommon experience in our Three oriented culture, especially during the high summer.  For me this feeling can include everything from too much work, too much fun, too much visiting with friends, and too many everyday chores.  I watch myself approach things with a resistant attitude.  “You (fill in the blank) are a burden.”  This attitude really sucks to put it bluntly.  My entire body feels heavy, my mind feels dull and negative, and my heart frustrated.  I’ve created a miserable present moment.

I’ve been practicing shifting this attitude.  Recognizing it, I can choose to lighten up, loosen up and adopt a positive attitude.  I can shift it right in the moment by contacting the felt sense experience of Presence.  This is exercising choice.  It’s a wonderful capability and I love it.  Of course, I do find myself choosing over and over because of the tenacity of this familiar pattern.  It’s good practice.

Let’s go back to what’s in the box.  The deeper question is what is it that fuels this sense of burden or too much? What I realized this morning was that my core belief that I’m “not enough” somehow is being projected out into the world.  There is not enough time, enough money, enough support, blah, blah, blah.  You get the drift.  Partly this has gotten stirred up from a teaching opportunity in which I did not “shine enough.”  I didn’t feel that I did my best work so “not good enough” arose.

I tell you, when the recognition of this projection, aka gift, arose in my heart, mind and body, I felt RELIEF!  I felt HAPPY!  I felt LOVE!  I saw a world filled with possibility and potential.  I knew that there is absolutely enough and I could align with it in me and see it in the world.  In the moment of embodied Presence there is no question of “not enough.”  Ultimately, every time we “wake up” in these ways, we evolve in consciousness.

There are more reasons of course for these core beliefs.  They give us a sense of identity for one.  These core beliefs support the type structure in its desire to create familiarity.  I could go on.  But this projection piece is an interesting angle to explore.  How do you perceive the world?  What are you projecting that has the possibility of shifting?   I encourage you to play with this for yourself.