The Enneagram Raps

Maybe you think you can’t rap but think again! Put a funky attitude in your mind, get your head a boppin’ and rap these Enneagram poems. nyerőgépes játékok torrent These poems were part of skit night during my professional training and, yes, I was rapping the Two…certainly not well but with spunk. So thank you to all my fellow students and teachers who created these raps (especially Lynne who wrote the first rap poem for each of the types which includes the vice and the virtue) and then all the rest including Sean, Pads, Andrea, Azwin, Sandy, Barbara and Roopa. tippmix sportfogadás


I’ll take Resentment to contentment
Use Serenity as a remedy
To turn my Anger to confection
On the way to my Perfection
The deed has been done!
I’m a One!!

There’s nothing wrong
With knowing what’s right
I look at a problem
And turn on the light
I’m certain and I’m air
I’m strong and I’m bright
But then, you all know that
Way before tonight!
I’m undeniably fun!
I’m a One!



My Flattery is creative
The “Juice is my Pride
When I find my Humility,
I’ll take a Freedom ride!
Don’t wait for the other shoe….
I’m a Two!!

I’m a Two
I know what to do
And I’ll do it for you
So let me through!
I’m a Two!!



When I repeat my Decit
With the insanity of Vanity,
I see Honesty and HOpe
With a spiritual rope
This is my decree!
I’m a Three!!

I’m not only fun
I can get the job done
Asleep or on the run
When I’m under the gun
Of Failure there’s nun
Pardon the pun
When you love me,
I’ve won!
I am un-doubt-ed-ly
A Three!!



I’m a Melancholy Baby
Using Envy as my fuel
Balance is my goal
Originality is my rule!
Unique is core……
I’m a Four!!

If you are exciting,
I am, hereby, inviting
You through my door
For tea – maybe more!
Let it rain. Let it pout.
I’m never a bore!
I’m a Four!!



Avarice is my driver
Stinginess is the car
When I shift into neutral,
My Knowledge travels far!
When I’m alone, I’m alive!
I’m a Five!!

Get off my case
And outta my face!
You have a brain
So pick your own!
Say something intelligent
Or leave me alone!
Give me no small talk
Send me no jive
Respect my space
’cause I’m a Five!!



A Coward? I don’t think so!
Fear and Doubt are useful tools
Bottom line: my Faith and Courage
Will prevail. I’m no fool!
I tolerate no tricks!
I’m a Six!!

I’m living life to its majority
With help, Love and my own Authority!
It’s timeyou all got a clue
With indecision I a through!
I’m getting in my licks
Creating my own kicks
There’s nothing I can’t fix
I’m definitely in the mix!
I’m a Six!!



Gluttony takes Planning
Those flames I’ll be fanning
Until Work and Sobriety
Replace high society
And fill me with piety
That’ll get me to Heaven!
That’s cool! I’m a Seven!!

Ideas, plans and possibilities
Options, solutions – a jillion, a trillion
In the mind – in the future
Always more – push the button
I’m the Glutton – it’s Heaven!
I’m a Seven!!



Vengeance is Habit
Lust is a must
Truth is the commitment
Innonce must Trust
Whether early or late
I always participate
’cause stamina is my trait
So, don’t mess with my boundaries!
I’m an Eight!!

I konw how to play
I never refuse it
I have great big energy
and I know how to use it!
So, if you’re a Loved One
And you have a problem,
Just point me right at it
’cause I love to solve ’em!
A wild and crazy date!
I’m an Eight!!



You say I’m all sloth
And you tell me I’m lazy
Well that kind of judgment
’bout to drive me crazy!
I know what you mean, though,
I’ve been where you are
When I try to see it your way
I don’t need to stretch too far.
I’m a vessel of Love
Made up of Right Action
I’m here to let you know
You are all my main attraction!
And how do I know every one of you is fine? tippmix kalkulàtor
That’s easy….Huh! I’m a Nine!!

I’m easy and peaceful and I think you’re fine
But one thing is missing – I forget what is mine!
When my passion wakes up, I fall asleep
Then the subtypes kick in and I’ve gone in deep.
Appetite for self-comfort, or group participation
One to one union, that’s my central station
Gotta get to conversion, the subtype’s my fuel
Then the grapes of my wrath with become a spiritual tool!
Now I’m outta the box, I know that I’m real
And I get it here and now that I’m a big deal!
I’m fine wine on the vine! I’m divine!
I’m a Nine!!