Helen Palmer and David Daniels

Enneagram Worldwide is a fabulous website to introduce you to the Enneagram. It provides authoritative, reliable, and practical information on the nine personality styles including the Tour of the Types in the Narrative Tradition of the types speaking for themselves and the Interactive Matrix of all the Types. دمنو It also includes a self-typing inventory which is a great assessment along with other classes and trainings.

The Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition

The Association of professionals who use the Enneagram in business, educational, therapeutic, and spiritual arenas. لعبه قمار We are certified to teach the Enneagram by Helen Palmer and David Daniels MD who pioneered the Narrative Tradition. Use this website to find out more about the Association, the Enneagram Professional Training Program and it’s Narrative Tradition, how to locate a certified teacher in your neighbourhood and links to other websites. روليت

Enneagram Monthly

A good monthly publication with a variety of teachers speaking on many topics.