Held at Boulder Integral, 2805 Broadway, Boulder
Saturday, December 3, 2011, 9:30am – 4:30pm
Cost $95, early bird cost $80 if registered by Nov 18th or Boulder Integral Member


Love can manifest as a simple kindness bending towards all of creation.

The search for enlightenment has driven spiritual seekers for eons.  Enlovement is less well known (and certainly doesn’t come up on spell check).  Although both may ultimately lead to the same end of awakening to your True Nature, the path is different.  While the more mental focus of enlightenment is to transcend the illusory nature of the ego, the path of enlovement can be understood as heart focus of completely connecting with our experiences and melting away the ego in love.

Love Is.  It exists beyond you and me and it is you and me.  We are It.  While we spend much time trying to feel it or even make it, it actually exists at the core of who we are. As always, the Enneagram elucidates what stands in the way of me and Love.  This is theorized to be the original study at the basis of the Enneagram although they may have used a word more like God.  What would a path of Enlovement look like?  In this class we will explore different aspects of Love.

The Enneagram type strategies describe the ways we attempt to get love.  We can appreciate these attempts and develop compassion for them.  AND we can access what is love in the core of our being.  Through experiential exercises, guided meditations, panels and group sharing, we will delve into the obstacles to love and begin to recognize the love that is always present.

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