These classes are presented in the Narrative Tradition, which brings the Enneagram to life through interview and inquiry of the nine Enneagram types. The panel method quickly builds community and supports learning through the mind, heart and body.

Enneagram Panel Series Focusing on Stress

with Margot Burns and Mary Ellen Arthur

In 2019, our Enneagram Panel Series is focusing on stress – the stress that comes with change and uncertainty, from external demands and events, and also the stress that comes from feeling inertia or being unfulfilled in some aspect of our life.  We will explore how each Enneagram type shows up under stress and also the impact chronic stressors have on our capacity to connect with our essential self.

Through these monthly panels, we are reminded that we are more alike than different and stronger together than we are alone.  When we are grounded in our bodies, we have access to deep, meaningful receptivity and vulnerability.  This is our real work and it takes practice.  Margot Burns and co-leader Mary Ellen Arthur are both certified teachers of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition.

We meet at St. Thomas Episcopal Church at 22nd and Dexter in Denver from 6:30 to 8:00 pm and ask for a $20 donation.  PLEASE JUST SHOW UP OR CALL MARGOT TO REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT.  IT IS NOT CLOSED BUT WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ONLINE REGISTRATIONS.


TWO PANEL   February 27th               THREE PANEL    March 27th

FOUR PANEL    April 24th                    FIVE PANEL    May 22nd

SIX PANEL     June 26th                         SEVEN PANEL    July 24th

EIGHT PANEL    August 28th              NINE PANEL     September 25th

Contact Margot to learn more about the Denver monthly panel group:  303-489-9590 or [email protected].

Price: $20.00

Date: January 23, 2019

Available Spaces: 32

The Enneagram and Personal Ownership

with Margot Burns

The Enneagram provides a map to help you navigate toward greater psychological and spiritual health by describing the instincts that drive you and the habitual patterns that keep you blocked.  It is wisdom that leads to an expanded and evolved YOU.  The first step in changing your reactions and habits is to become AWARE of your dominant patterns.  Awareness is the primary tool for transforming your life. Your habitual reactions are normal and are part of how you’ve learned to survive, to protect yourself and to navigate the world, but may no longer be serving you.


How do you move from AWARENESS TO ACTION?
How in alignment are your actions with your core values?

The Enneagram provides answers.  It is like an operator’s manual, giving you the codes to your operating system.Margot Burns will lead a four-hour workshop designed to provide an overview of the nine Enneagram viewpoints with an emphasis on using the wisdom of this system to take action steps and enhance personal accountability to reach your desired goals.  Margot is a professional coach, certified counselor, and teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition.  This class is presented in the Narrative Tradition, which brings the Enneagram to life through interview and inquiry of the nine Enneagram types. The panel method quickly builds community and supports learning through the mind, heart and body.

The location is Bigsby's Follies.  It is a craft winery with a full menu.  Come for awareness and action, then stay for lunch and libations!

Price: $75.00

Date: April 13, 2019

Available Spaces: 32

The Enneagram and Mindfulness: Transforming Reactivity into Wisdom

with Peter Williams and Renée Rosario

We are excited to offer our third year of a powerful integration of two ancient wisdom traditions - mindfulness and the enneagram.

We are offering brand new content in the program, focusing on the three basic reactive responses that organize our personalities – greed, aversion and delusion. These reactions disconnect us from what is really happening and are the root of all our difficult emotions. Both the enneagram and mindfulness traditions transform these reactions into open-heartedness and wisdom.

Studying the enneagram, a unique map of personality patterns, leads to an understanding of the default settings of the psyche that prevent us from living life fully. Mindfulness focuses less on the content of our personality and more on the process of our experience. It reveals the way greed, aversion and delusion create an illusion of separateness. Mindfulness helps us drop these reactions to reveal that we deeply belong to all of creation.

Powerful opportunities arise from combining these two approaches. For example, knowing our personality patterns helps us let go more readily into mindfulness, while mindfulness helps us experience the patterns in a more intimate and embodied way. The approaches combine to foster abiding happiness and well-being. We think you will enjoy this unique day of personal exploration and meditation!

The day will include didactic, panel interviewing, group sharing, and mindfulness practice.  This class is for people familiar with their type and the Enneagram.

Price: $120.00

Date: April 27, 2019

Available Spaces: 30