Saturday, September 17, 2011, 10am – 4pm  |   Renée Rosario, Whitney Allen and Mary Ellen Arthur

The truly transformative aspect of the Enneagram is that it encourages you to recognize that you are more than your Enneagram type. The Inner Observer is the constant background of awareness, the essential aspect of you that notices type-related behaviors and sees beyond the bias of the type. As you consciously observe your habit of attention, you can open to new possibilities rather than following the reactive and automatic behaviors of the type. The Inner Observer allows you to recognize the inner patterns that drive outer behavior, allowing you to work with your feelings, thoughts and behaviors rather than be “worked over” by them. لعبة دومينو اون لاين The more you are aware of your habitual way of perceiving, the more choice you have. کوره اون لاین Discovering the Inner Observer is the path to a more authentic YOU!

This class and it’s partner, Deepening the Practice of Inner Observation, can be attended on a stand-alone basis or as a series.

A team of ECRMR teachers will lead each workshop, with each teacher bringing their own unique experience and teaching strengths to the Narrative Tradition. مواقع الألعاب اون لاين

To learn more, contact Barb Allgaier at 303-697-9456.

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