Saturday, November 19, 2011 |  Jane Welzel and Terry Saracino

The Inner Observer allows us to expand our experience of the world in new ways, rather than viewing it narrowly through type. It takes practice to continually choose to shift our attention from the concerns of the type to the Inner Observer. العاب بطاقات As we cultivate the Inner Observer, our capacity to work with thoughts, feelings and sensations increases. 1xbet شرح Type-related concerns still come and go, but we are able to witness them and react less intensely to these concerns. Developing a skillful Inner Observer includes bringing awareness to body, heart and mind. As our capacity to engage the Inner Observer steadily grows over time, personality patterns relax and we are open to seeing reality as it really is, as opposed to the believable projections of the type structure.

This class and its partner, Discovering the Inner Observer, can be attended on a stand-alone basis or as a series. موقع كرة

A team of ECRMR teachers will lead each workshop, with each teacher bringing their own unique experience and teaching strengths to the Narrative Tradition.

To learn more, contact Barb Allgaier at 303-697-9456.

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